How to choose children’s remote control cars

The quality of life is getting better and better now, many parents like to give their children to buy toys, especially the remote control cars for Children. Children’s remote control cars, i believe the word is no stranger to everyone, a children’s electric cars and remote control car has become the first choice for every home. It is mainly divided into large and small remote control car, the following word of the children’s remote control car refers to small remote control car! While the small remote control car is characterized by: “in a variety of cars as a model.” Now I will share what precautions to buy it with you.

rc-cars Firstly, the problem of children’s remote control car brand
Brand problem is not that we are referring to the Audi brand’s remote control cars, BMW brand’s remote control cars, i’m referring to the brand as the model remote control car. Parents should be aware of what children prefer the “brand” of remote control cars, so as to better start in life. Of course, if the parents buy a car that children is not not satisfied, wouldn’t it be “embarrassed”. So we are sure to understand the child always wanted to have a car, so as to better buy for the children.
Secondly, the distance of the remote control car
In many cases, when the parents buy remote control car for children rarely ask the remote control distance, now the distance of the remote control car is from 20 meters, 30 meters, 40 meters and so on. In more than a dozen remote control car with a comparison, under normal circumstances, the price of remote control car with the distance of remote control car is equal(of course, this requires exclusion pattern and burning oil remote control cars). So at the time of purchase must be asked in detail about remote distance of the remote control car, so as to let the baby play in the process to experience the fun of remote control car!
Thirdly, the category of battery
For children’s remote control car battery category, mainly divided into two kinds: 5, rechargeable batteries and charging panels.
①There are needless to say about 5 rechargeable batteries, we all know. A 5 batteries can be recharged through the full battery electric vehicles into the tank so that the remote reaches remote effect.
Advantages: Easy to buy, you can buy more than one and ully charged to spare, slightly longer battery life.
Disadvantages: Under normal circumstances, the 5th rechargeable battery sellers will not “send to you” and need the buyer to purchase, the 5th battery charger can also be purchased on their own, this will be more additional cost.

remote-control-cars ②charging panels, a new type of rechargeable battery, nearly two years in the children’s toy market is very popular, through panels on the line to line charging effect. As for the two panels which is good? I was hardly conclusive, only by the needs of the parents to choose!
Advantages: Easy to use, plug and play charge, is the accessories of children’s remote control cars(including battery chargers seller panels will be presented).
Disadvantages: If the power pack life exhausted, it is have a little difficult to buy for yourself, you must go to supporting children’s toy store to purchase electricity board.
Remote control cars are more action, in the selection of an action an action to check the control sensitivity. We should pay attention to during the initial inspection will transmitter antenna to the longest, until everything checks out normal, then gradually shorten the antenna to observe the situation to control the distance shortened. Generally reduced to half the total length of the antenna, and control the distance shortened third are normal. For children under 6 years of age, as long as the selection of single-channel remote control toys can be. Its action is relatively simple, the transmitter is only a button, can control toys transform an action, such as from forward into reverse. For children over 6 years of age, you can choose a multi-channel remote control toys, let the children to master more complex manipulation skills.
I believe that through the above analysis of the details, so that you have a new understanding, i hope the children’s remote control cars everyone can buy as their wishes!

Beginners Guide to Radio Control Airplanes

This instructable is intended to familiarize you with the basic workings of Radio controlled aircraft. It is not a complete guide to everything about the subject, its intended to inform the reader on what is involved and help you choose the right rc aircraft for you.
I grew up around this hobby, my Dad built and sold them back then. Me and him fly them when we get the chance. His airplanes will be pictured here as well as mine. Together we have more than 35 years of tinker time with this hobby. Its both a relaxing and exciting hobby.

rc-AirplanesI must also warn you its addictive and don’t worry we all crash our aircraft, but if you start out with the right trainer and simulator you will repair and fly again.
First a crash course in what the types of aircraft have in common.
Step 1: Common to all types of RC airplanes-Radio
First before you choose the type of airplane you want to build and fly, lets go over what is common to most RC airplanes.
The radio transmitter and receiver: This is your link to the aircraft never scrimp when it comes to the radio, if it glitches you can crash or worse hurt someone. Radios come with two or more channels, the channels are also not what you think, they are not separate frequencies, instead they are each control. Most airplanes have 4 channels, rudder, ailerons, throttle and elevator. Sailplanes have just two or three. Radio transmitters are also on several radio frequencies and are set by the user by changing the matching crystals in the transmitter and receiver. Unless you have a newer radio that uses ultra high frequencies in the 2.4 gigahertz range, these radio’s do not require crystals.
The radio receiver on gas powered aircraft is powered by a rechargeable battery, on an electric it can be powered by the same battery that powers the propeller threw a battery eliminator circuit.

RC-airplanes-RadioThe power is usually 4.6 to 6volts.
I have used several brands, most were good, as long as its a name brand one like Futaba, Airtronics, HiTec, or Tower hobbies (made by Futaba).
Its also a good idea if you plan on having more than one airplane you can get an extra receiver on the same frequency and use one radio with several airplanes. This is what I do, I have a programmable radio with six memories so I can switch between them. I simply bought a receiver for each airplane, much cheaper than another radio.

The correct way of rc aircraft flying

Remote control aircraft is nothing new in today’s life, the current production technology is very mature, there are more variety of products on the market. Many people always make some mistakes when playing, especially some beginners, as the initial excitement of playing often leads to damage of the model. So we have to be very careful when playing.

rc-aircraft The first flight should choose sunny windless weather, and choose a place to ensure flight safety. Remote control model enthusiasts know that even if there is a rich experience flying remote control model of the manipulator, we can’t guarantee every flight is not an accident. Because in addition to the reasons causing the accident flight operator itself, as well as a remote control device sudden collapse, mechanical failures and other reasons are difficult to predict. Therefore, it should be possible to avoid those factors may cause accidents problems. you should choose a Flight place where even though the model plane lost control and crashed, only the model itself without causing damage to other losses. This point is important for beginners. If you go to the flying field and watch other models in flight, you should take the initiative to check first manipulator for use of radio frequencies to avoid waves of the same frequency simultaneously, making the model out of control.
Whenever I have time I will be with the remote control aircraft flying on a wide lawn, however, when we first came into contact with remote-controlled aircraft are still many places need to be strengthened, such as how to fly remote control aircraft to make it safe to fly in the blue sky. There is an old player shared his experiences with me, i also provide some experience about how to fly remote control aircraft properly for your reference.
beginners most likely to commit errors

Lack of patience when they fly and push the joystick a ceiling, the helicopter became a space shuttle into the sky. The second error action often occurs when landing or lower the height. Granted to give up control and loss of joystick automatically reset, once the helicopter can’t receive radio signal, propeller that is stopped and the helicopter degenerate ground. Although the helicopters are seismic design, but it is not conducived to extend the model of life.
The right way to flying
Firstly, although the remote control aircraft easy to operate and have a good stability, but it is always a jet aircraft. Only to improve their handling skills in order to fully experience the great fun of remote control aircraft. It is strongly recommended that you must read the accompanying instructions carefully before the test and don’t rush to actually operate. If your child is playing, you must fully grasp the essentials related operations in advance and guide children in time.
Secondly, When you are flying for the first time is given priority to with low flying (2 meters), and feeling the manipulation of the handle, it is not difficult to make remote control aircraft fly high, but if you want to still hover in the low-altitude, Steering and precise fixed-point landing around, that is the great master. But if you want to achieve this level usually requires 5 to 6 cruises (one charge of a voyage), can not be impatient.
]Don’t look down upon these points, but it will really help your remote control aircraft flying in the blue sky, you don’t have to worry about the aircraft will be injured themselves or others. As long as master the above points, i’m sure you can make the remote control aircraft become lively in your hands and do all kinds of difficult moves. Do you want to become the envy of everyone to play remote-controlled aircraft master? Follow my steps take action quickly! If you want to know more info of this product, i recommend to you

The common problems and solutions of 450 remote control helicopter

450 remote control helicopter which is the most typical models , it has brought us question is extremely universal, the following I sort out some common problems and solutions on 450 remote control helicopter.

450-remote-control-helicopterFisrt, aircraft nod
Possible Cause 1: The main rotor speed is too low , then it should appropriately increase the throttle hover point , and reduce the pitch hover point .
Possible Cause 2 : horizontal damping apron too hard or severely worn. Then do not use thick horizontal axis washers , and to replace the horizontal apron worn .
Second, when flying loud
The reason : In addition to general helicopter flying outside the big paddle biggest source of noise is the motor , we must first check the motor and gear tooth gap is appropriate noise will be great too tight .
third, airframe vibration
Possible Cause 1: The big paddle imbalance paddle part of the relatively poor quality of the market , both the weight and center of gravity to paddle too much deviation , eccentric vibration during high-speed rotation Solution: Replace the paddle better quality or bigger static and dynamic balance paddle .
Possible Cause 2: The big paddle lock too tight , resulting in large paddle unable to throw off by centrifugal force , resulting in an imbalance Solution: proper locking big paddle , damping can be pulled by hand feel , can not lock tight.
Possible Cause 3: .. tail rotor or tail rotor imbalance is usually much too tight lock this case the appropriate time needed to get a new tail rotor locking paddle tail and large the same requirements .
Possible Cause 4: possible reasons : poor quality motor , not doing balancing idling motor is energized can usually be removed to check , if you feel vibration to be replaced .
Possible Cause 5 : United spindle or bending , inspection methods : Rotate the large paddle observe brake head screws (excluding head screws bending brake factor ) , if found swinging badly , it could be bent shaft , if you replace the spindle after all this, it is bent in conjunction spindle or in conjunction bend will make big paddle imbalance , leading to vibration . then need to change the spindle and the Union .
Possible Cause 6 : horizontal bending , Inspection Method: Remove the side of the big paddle , with 1.5 hex screwdriver to turn the horizontal axis , to see whether the big paddle clips swing with the horizontal axis represents the bend .
fourth, Sometimes sculls

remote-control-helicopterPossible Cause 1 : Balance wing bracket screws loose, inspection methods , hands jammed in conjunction, balanced swing wing , the wing bracket along with them if the balance greatly shaken , it must be loose screws , remove the screws on the back after the plastic screws tightened.
Possible Cause 2: The balance of fixed wing bracket hole copper sleeve bearing wear or damage , check the method above, if the screws are not loose , that is the problem, need to replace the copper sleeve or bearing .
Possible Cause 3 : buckle worn ball check all ball rotor head buckle , if found between axial gap of more than 0.5 to be replaced Fifth, Inverted There sculls
Common cause : to exclude issues paddle and balancing wing bracket , the rotor head is usually worn ball buckle , causing a large gap , it will usually resolve after replacing the ball head buckle.
sixth, Emergency refueling does not lock the tail
This problem is usually caused by a pulley or belt slippage caused inspection methods : hand stuck big paddle tail rotor rotation , check whether the pulley and shaft slipping , usually prone plastic pulley this problem , the problem is relatively much less metal solutions : in other new metal tail pulley shaft and wheels set another new belt tail rotor screws loose Vanda does not lock the tail can also cause this better judgment.
These are the 450 most common helicopter a few questions , of course, a problem encountered by each person will be different , the solution will be different, but the principles are the same, in short, to practice more and more to explore, fight morning talent. Read more at

How to choose and buy Remote control helicopter

When shopping, everyone wants to get the best deal. If someone is looking for a remote control helicopter, he has a lot to consider. Do you want to know before you feel collapse, the world still has a simple way to get the best. You only need to have the correct knowledge. This article will guide you to choose the ideal toy for you.

rc-helicopterYou might be on the Internet, on TV or other media has already seen a lot of advertisements for aircraft. In you don’t have any chance to own and play the small toys before, you may feel confused for some terms, only those who have the experience of remote control helicopter enthusiasts to understand. So, if you’re going to want to buy this toy soon, whether as a gift or just for yourself, saw this article, you will know the which one to buy.
The combination of remote control helicopters and aeronautics and operational, is a unique combination. The traditional fixed wing remote control aircraft need a runway for take-off, also need a lot of ground, and remote control helicopter can take off directly, small field is needed. In the remote control helicopter, there are a lot of different aircraft performance, they designed the applicable objects are different. Any one want to learn to fly for the remote control helicopter should learn the knowledge well.
First of all, you must remember, is expensive does not mean that it is the best. In fact, you can find a lot of good, the price also is very favourable. In order to help you find a cheap but good quality toys, you can see people for their comments. You can search for a particular type or brand of the flying machine. Through this matter, you will be able to measure the quality of the toys.
Of course, in addition to the price on the label, you will be hoping his remote control helicopter is appropriate for your preferences or you buy this toy to send. If you give a child is to buy this toy as a gift, the best thing to do is buy a assembled aircraft. But if you buy it for yourself, and you want to be some challenges or adventure, you have many choices, you can even DIY assembly.

Remote-control-helicopterIf you want to know where to buy these miniature helicopter, you can always drawnet on toy stores or stores. It is very convenient, you don’t need to go out. Then you will find the most suitable for you. You can choose from a bunch of options, they have different size, function, price and other aspects.Not a toy shop is also a kind of choice in the past. The advantage is that if you need guidance or further means that you can ask the store staff. You will also have a wide choice of different types of flying machine, just like in the online store.
If you have a toy plane, you might want to consider to buy a single propeller aircraft. This is a more complex models. You must be skilled or you will find it hard to control.
So, you need to know your real demand and make sure that you can get in return. The most important thing is important to note that you must buy a remote control helicopter flight allows you to enjoy. If you ask those who have to fly the toys for a long time friend and listen to their advice, so that you will never go wrong.
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Basic knowledge of Remote control model aircraft

Remote control aircraft is one of the relatively new senior sports,now more and more people,especially the younger generation likes to play with,here are some introduction to basic knowledge about the remote control model aircraft.

Remote-control-aircraftWhat is a remote control model aircraft?
Remote control model airplane is a heavier than air,has a size limit, with or without the engine,can’t manned aircraft.
Why do you want to play remote control model aircraft?
Playing with remote control model aircraft is like a healthy modern city leisure entertainment,decompression,and it is also a high technology content of sports,contains the learn the knowledge of aerodynamic,mechanical,and radio.
Who is suitable for playing remote control model aircraft?

RC-AirplanesBe suitable for playing remote control model aircraft is very broad,covering almost all ages,can be elderly,youth,can also be a white-collar gens going to work,such as ordinary people.
What are the advantages of adolescents play remote control model aircraft?
Playing with remote control model aircraft can let teenagers to exercise their own thinking,observation,endurance,perseverance and hands-on ability,but also can enhance their self-confidence,to make them with scientific and rigorous attitude towards work and study.In the process of play,can master books can’t learn knowledge and experience to start work.

Remote-control-model-aircraftThe elderly play remote control model aircraft what are the benefits?
The elderly to play remote control model aircraft,is to start work and to the brain,can prevent aging.Remote control model aircraft is outdoor sports, more than older people come out to play remote control model aircraft, more fresh air,is of great benefit to the body.More many players said that the elderly play remote control model aircraft can relieve the symptom such as cervical spine problems and dementia.
As long as do these points, generally speaking out in March, you can play very well.Read more at

Rc helicopter common faults

RC models as we all know, often will encounter all sorts of problems, most of the time, for newcomers when aircraft malfunction, don’t know how to deal with, waiting for the seller’s reply, time-consuming and inefficient. Now I will say a few I often encounter the problem of how to deal with the, (personal point of view, and what is said is wrong, please forgive me) want to help other friends.

Rc-helicopter-common-faults(A) when there is a whole machine vibration, may be there are several reasons for this.
1. The main shaft bending,
2. Take the transverse bending of blade clip,
3.gear too loose or too tight,
4. The engine load is overweight,
5. The main rotor speed is too high, more than 1900 turn,
6. The main blade weight difference is too big.
(B) the tail shaking:
1. The tail shaft bending
2. The tail in transmission steel wire bending
3. The tail rotor weight is different
(C) a slight swinging the tail:
Under the muffler vibration frequency, the effective transformation point of engine power will lead to a similar “cough” status, so that the tail swing or even influence the gyro (i.e., gyroscope) on the output signal was exacerbated the tail swing, the speed should be avoided.

RC-helicoptersElectric remote control helicopter dynamic remote control helicopter than oil economy, it is more convenient to use. Manic sound small, no smoke, no need to learn the engine tuning method. As long as full of electricity can fly, costs are relative to the moving helicopter cheaper oil. The cost of the battery, may be just a few cents, and buy fuel may have will be more expensive, fuel on remote control helicopter flight environment and flight places have strict requirements, and a small electric remote control helicopter is no so many restrictions. Due to the small size it can fly in a small space or indoor. Price comparison now better cross small electric remote control helicopter to hundreds of yuan, the oil move remote control helicopter is several thousand yuan, electric remote control helicopter fall off a fall maintenance has several dozens yuan, oil still remote control helicopter fell a might have to spend a the price of the electric remote control helicopter maintenance, or electric remote
control helicopter is more convenient and economic.
If you’re looking for knowledge about the wide world of RC Helicopters then is the best place to start.

How to buy RC helicopter

Some people on the RC helicopter is not very understanding,when buying a hindrance,I don’t know what should buy a plane just right, because people often buy the wrong plane and won’t play or damage caused by misuse.So,the choose and buy when the remote control helicopter should note what respect?

RC-helicopter1.on the seller’s choice.
As the activities of remote control helicopter is air,so often fell,and fell nonetheless be bad as long as some accessories,the best choice when buying remote control helicopter can provide original parts sellers simultaneously,so that even after some bad parts,can also be very readily available alternatives to put on,if only because it makes the whole damage an accessory remote control helicopters can not be reused,it is a pity.So it is important to consider fitting problem is not recommended to some shops to buy,buy online seller should pay attention to the strength,prevent some not provide accessories shop to buy.
2.remote control helicopter model size selection .
There are models from the remote control helicopter for sizes,many people do not understand even buy toys for the children but also the blind pursuit planes bigger the better, in fact, this is wrong, right is the best,especially for children,it should be more important than the size of the safety of the aircraft.The most common remote control helicopter has several specifications, small total length of about 10 cm,medium 20-40 cm,50 cm above we referred to the mainframe.Smallest aircraft generally fly indoors,light weight, paddle intensity is small,it is generally nothing dangerous.

remote-control-helicopter3.the number of channels to select remote control aircraft .
For starters,the proposed three-way or four-way remote control small electric helicopter purchase.Channel remote control helicopter more explanation more features,the greater will be difficult to control accordingly.Generally tee or four-way entry first by skilled and then play through 6 will be much easier.
4.remote control helicopter performance options.
Also note that the optional remote control helicopter aircraft quality,different qualities of the aircraft,although the same appearance,performance is a big difference,of course, prices will vary a lot. Proposed purchase of big brands,such as Walkera,Align,toys,then the Great Wall can be.
5.remote control helicopter flight time,height and ruggedness of the instructions.
Whether electric or oil moving remote control helicopter,continuous flight time relatively short,generally only fly for 6-18 minutes or so,it is because limited battery capacity and fuel volume,is a common problem for all remote control aircraft,so do not believe in some of the bad business advocacy continuous flight of 30 minutes or one hour a pack of lies,the current technology for which both theory actually impossible.If you want to play longer,you can choose the model can replace the battery,which is on the plane with two batteries,a run automatically with another piece,so time is equivalent doubled.
I bought it from this shop,it does contain such a lot.

My Flight with Dynam ME-262

It has been a long waitbut the plane finally here and in my hands.Much of the 262 comes
pre-assembled for which gives us hobbyists more time flying.Let us see the Dynam airplane

DynamThe Dynam ME-262 Schwalbe was the world’s first operational jet-powered fighter plane.
Its design work started before World War II began but engine problem prevented
the rc aircraft from attaining operational status with the Luftwaffe until mid-1944.
Compared with Allied fighters of its days,including the British jet-powered Gloster
Meteor,the airplane was much faster and better armed.One of the most advanced
aviation designs in operational use during World War II,the Me-262 was used in a
variety of roles,light bombers,reconnaissance and even experimental night fighter
versions including.
Me 262 pilots claimed a total of 542 Allied kills (albeit higher claims are sometimes
made).And the Allies retorted its potential effectiveness in the air by attacking the
plane on the ground and while taking off or landing.Engine reliability problems and
onsets by allies on fuel supplies during the dropping late-war situation also reduced
the effectiveness of the plane as a fighting force.In the end,ME-262 had a negligible
impact consequently the war as a result of its late introduction and on the course of
the small numbers that were deployed in operational service.The Me 262 influence
the designs of post-war aircraft such as the North American F-86 Sabre and Boeing
B-47 Stratojet.

Dynam-ME-262The Messerchmitt ME-262 was developed by the Germans during the later part of WWII.It was the first jet fighter in the world and possibly the most advanced of itstime.The streamlined fuselage and stunning performance has been beautifully recreated
by Dynam.
Engineered for speed and agility the airplane is constructed of EPOFLEX foam.Twin
composites 5 blades 70mm ducted fans supported by Twin 60amp speed controllers
easily propel this jet to adrenaline pumping speeds.Even better is only a single 14.8v
4000mAh battery is required to support the monster of a power plant.The steerable
nose wheel and worm drive retracts permit landing gears to retract slowly providing
touch of realism 9 gram servos command that large control surfaces with authorities.
The control horns,ducted fans,and servos are pre installed which makes the airplane
simple and quick to build.
The scale color scheme is simply stunning and it presents as well in the air as it does
taxing on the runway.Pilots will appreciate the unique silhouette it produces while in
the sky.The aerodynamics of the ME 262 makes the rc airplane look fast even when
It took many months but I finally got to fly and review the Dynam ME-262.Was it
worth the waiting?I think so,I was so pleased with how well it flew and the amount
of power that was on tap,I just wish I could have tapped into it months earlier!It is
also nice to see the plane takes a beating and keep on screaming.The foam is tough
and even after a nasty crash it can be glued back together.I’m pleasantly surprised
with the plane and look forward to many more fun flights with this beast!
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Nine eagle remote control aircraft flight essentials

The following are the main points the remote control aircraft , but also when the canon HM beginners , please read carefully before playing the novice machine !
[ Puzzle ] playing machine

Nine-eagle-RC-aircraftPlay HM helicopter beneficial development of human right brain , right brain has super human ability to remember , there are other gods sexual function , such as ESP- ESP ( palpable force , unpredictable force , telepathy , etc. ) . HM has a fun, different from the ordinary right brain exercise, in addition to allowing you to enjoy the freedom of flying pleasure. More importantly, there is a sense of concentrating on the release and ecstasy generated , can reduce stress .
[ Remind] boot
After the first turn on the remote control , the throttle lever pulled the bottom ( screen display 000 ) , give the aircraft plug in lithium battery , when the body has an indicator light flashing , that is being corrected gyro data after a few seconds of data to be corrected , the body is no longer flashing lights ! when the plane has entered a normal working condition ! do not fly , the first aircraft to be allocated under the lithium battery , then close the remote control.
[ Remind] operation
1 aircraft when the plane started , if the body will appear to the left or right , please use the remote control to fine-tune fine-tune the pulley above .
2 helicopter when the Nine eagle began to take off , if there sloshing around, when the helicopter spiral flow instructions from the ground bounce , affect the stability of the fuselage, while flying to a certain height to be able to stabilize some of the body , but also by air airstream between , so try to operate in a windless space.
[ Remind] Charge
1 as long as the light aircraft fuselage lack of motivation or debulking have to charge , and the aircraft can not be used to charge completely discharged again , do not put more than electric aircraft also use the net clean and recharge batteries in aircraft impact , there will not charge phenomenon, please note !
2 Please finish off the plane, the plane stopped for half an hour to charge the battery cool before charging , ensure that the battery usage time !
3 When charging or pre-flight , positive and negative , please be sure not to insert anti Otherwise , there may be moments burned circuit board or damage to the battery and charger ! ( Positive and negative insert anti generally not get into unless it is forced ! )
4 . Remote itself directly with the battery charging feature can charge the emergency to the aircraft .

Nine-eagle-remote-control-aircraft5 general charge of about half an hour .
1 before flight, please be sure to read the “manual” or read our tutorials , if not normal takeoff , the first not to doubt the quality of the product itself may be flying skills to no avail ! If you have been working, contact the manufacturer or seller, do not blindly operate, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble ! Flight before the first non- throttle lever revolution reaches body movements such as athletes do warm-up effect.
(2) before the aircraft propeller factory installation is correct and after testing , be sure not to tighten the propeller , otherwise, it may damage the aircraft ! ( Normal propeller can rotate around , and has previously been mistaken for a loose and were tightened , resulting in aircraft damage ! )
3 novice flight there will be a collision , once the propeller hit the obstacle leading to stall , please immediately pulled the remote power control lever to close the lowest power , otherwise it will be a huge current stall electronic components caused by burn , stall burn caused .
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